Bio Engineered

“Trident successfully designed and installed a bioengineered shoreline at our lake home. We were skeptical at first and really wanted a steel seawall, but after Trident bioengineered our shoreline, the results have been so beautiful and the shoreline blooms spectacular colors throughout the entire season.”
-- Jodi Zeerip
-- Saddle Lake- Grand Junction, MI

In 2007, Trident Dock & Dredge was invited to become founding members of the Michigan Natural Shoreline partnership (MNSP). Since the partnership began, Trident has become an industry forerunner of designing and installing natural alternative shoreline stabilization methods without the use of vertical seawalls. While promoting lake health through stewardship, Trident has restored many natural shorelines that seek to reestablish near shore habitat for fish, turtles, songbirds, and butterflies. Natural shorelines reintroduce our native fauna flora back to our lakeshores, which not only help regarding habitat, lake health, and water quality, but also add a beautiful mix of blooming perennials and native wildflowers that certainly enhance the beauty and overall attraction to any waterfront property.