Seasonal Pier Kits

“Trident Dock and Dredge built and maintains a seasonal pier with 18 slips for our homeowner’s association in southwest Michigan. The pier is well-built, very sturdy, and has proved to be highly durable over the years. Moreover, it has remained level and otherwise structurally very sound. It is often mistaken for a permanent pier. We have always found the team at Trident to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive.”

-- George Schoenbeck
-- Paw Paw Lake, Coloma MI

Much like the overall quality of our permanent piers, Trident Dock & Dredge has designed a seasonal pier kit that will most certainly meet the test of time. Our steel pipe legs, and adjustable crossbeams are designed to last for decades. Our seasonal pier deck sections are constructed with pressure treated lumber with finished with either treated wood decking or Azek Composite. Trident seasonal piers are designed for ease of seasonal install and or removal. These piers are heavy duty with legs and sections meant to stand strong for the long term.