Pile Driven Hoists

"Very professional company. Excellent attention to detail, no issues whatsoever.”

-- Eric Brzowski
-- Paw Paw Lake, Watervliet MI

Trident Dock & Dredge is west Michigan’s premiere dealer and distributor of Magnum brand permanent boat hoists. With over 32 years of experience installing permanent boat hoists, Trident has hoisted about every type of boat on the market today. From top-of-the-line wake surfing boats to deluxe cabin cruisers, to pontoons and tri-toons, our permanent boat hoists are designed to take any boat. Magnum boat hoists are maintainable for a lifetime and will exceed your expectations for durability and ease of operation.

Permanent boat hoists significantly lengthen your boating season without the hassle of scheduling spring installation and fall removal of typical seasonal boat lifts. Permanent boat hoists keep your haul clean throughout the boating season while hoisted safely out of the water. Our permanent boat hoists can be equipped with custom canopies with vinyl covers. There is also remote-control options and can be equipped with boat hoist accessories for ease of mooring.

Trident Dock & Dredge backs up our boat hoist installations with steadfast service and maintenance. We also offer an annual protection plan that extends manufacturers’ warranties for service and repair.