Natural Stone

“Having Trident remove our wood seawall and replace with natural field stone was a huge improvement to our property. The reduced maintenance and natural look far exceeded our expectations.“

-- Mark Vanderbough
-- Paw Paw Lake, Watervliet, MI

For over 32 years, Trident Dock & Dredge has become a trusted name in shoreline stabilization in the state of Michigan. For shorelines that experience moderate to high wave energy, natural field stone shoreline stabilization has been an effective alternative to installing vertical seawalls both in terms of cost savings and longevity.

Using natural field stone on top a thick layer of geotextile filter fabric is a methodology that breaks apart the energy of waves reaching shore, while promoting natural alternatives that increase near shore habitat for fish and aquatic species while also allowing improved egress for turtles and other amphibians that need to enter and exit our lakes freely. When combined with upland plantings of native perennials and wildflowers, the plethora of colors between the field stones and blooming flowers offer exceptional beauty and attraction to any waterfront property.