Seasonal Updates

Winter Updates 2023-24

Our permanent piers are pre-engineered and built to withstand certain ice pressures and snow accumulation during the winter seasons. Permanent piers are not completely maintenance free, but if you follow these basic steps preparing your permanent pier and permanent boat hoists for winter, you can rest easy knowing your pier and boat hoist will be ready for use in spring.

Follow these easy steps to prepare your permanent pier and boat hoist for winter.

Step 1. Clear your pier of any furniture not fastened to the deck. remove mooring ropes seasonal bumpers stairs or swim ladders. make sure nothing is dangling off deck into water.

Step 2. Remove all seasonal canopy covers. Make sure when you fold the vinyl cover for storage, it is completely dry and free of moisture. Store the vinyl covers off the ground in a dry environment.

Step 3. Raise your permanent boat hoist cradles completely out of the water. At minimum the boat hoist cradles should be at least two feet above the water level to assure no ice can form. The same distance above the water level applies to permanent jet ski lifts.

If your permanent pier or boat hoist requires maintenance or service, please call 269-463-4072 or email: to schedule a service technician.